Nurse Aide Pay Scale

The pay scale for a certified nursing assistant differs from job to job depending on various factors.  They include your length of experience, location, additional trainings, the method of payment that you receive, and your work schedule. For first time certified nursing assistants, the range may vary from $7-8 per hour.

Having a little training and experience in the field would of course affect the amount of pay that you would get.  As your length of time in the job grows, your salary will also increase.  The lowest that one could receive as an annual CNA salary would be $20,000 based on the latest survey.

Your location is also a deciding factor to the amount of salary that you would get.  If you happen to be in an upscale city, you can expect a salary of $28,000 to $30,000 as a beginner.  Those in rural areas will get as low as $20,000.  That is a huge difference especially if you are taking additional trainings and education.  If you want to get the best salary, you should check out job openings in Alaska as they are currently the top payers for nurse aide with an hourly pay of almost $15.  Next to them is New York providing a pay of about $14 per hour.  The lowest paying states to be employed in would be Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma which have an hourly rate for nursing assistants of $8-9.

Studies also showed that those with longer experiences in the field have more chances of earning greater than those who have just recently started.  The annual income of those with less than one year of experience range from $11,000 to $14,000; those with one to four years have $14-30,000; five to nine years and you can get as much as $40,000; and those with ten years and up can earn as much as $50,000 annually.  So you see that experience can definitely affect your salary range.

There are also several modes of payment for certified nursing assistants and you can choose from any of them.  You can opt for an higher hourly wage which does not have or include additional benefits from your employer.  There is also the contractual form of employment which offers a lower salary but has other perks and benefits with them.  You can also choose to be a traveling CNA which may have a lower salary but would give you the opportunity to visit various locations.  If you choose to work for charitable institutions, you may expect some of your services to be for free but that would depend on your financial needs.

Another deciding factor in your certified nursing assistant wage is your work schedule. Depending on the whether you work the day or night shift can impact your take home home pay. In addition many CNA positions offer overtime pay at time and a half anytime you work in excess of forty hours in a single week. This can quickly add up to increased earning potential for a nursing assistant.

An entry level nursing assistant career in healthcare may not always give you the preferred salary or wage that you would like.  However, as it is an occupation which requires compassion for your patients, it can bring great personal satisfaction and potential for advancement.  This job offers you a great experience in the health care field and looks great on your resume as you seek to move up to a higher paying position.  Starting out as an entry level certified nursing assistant within the health care industry can help you advance in your medical career much quicker than someone without the same hands on experience. If you wish to improve your chances of earning more, you may need to acquire additional training as well and education.

7 thoughts on “Nurse Aide Pay Scale

  1. patricia alderink

    I have been a cna/cgna for the last 19 years. I have experience with elderly residents, acute carea, OB, er, icu, and outpatient surgery. I have experience with alzheimer’s patients in two different settings (assisted living and locked facilities). We are moving to Anchorage Alaska and wondering what someone with my experience would be paid ballpark per hour

    1. admin Post author

      The hourly wage of a CNA in Alaska can range from $12 – $21 depending on where you reside and your work experience. This provides an annual income ranging from around $23,000 to $44,000. You can read more about working as a nurse aide in Alaska here: The Or try contacting the state registry at Phone: (907) 269-8161 or (907) 269-8196. Hope this helps.

  2. diane larro

    I am have been a CNA since april of 1992 in NJ but my certification has expired june 2014 and I am moving to fla next month, how can I get my cert active in the state of Florida without taking the course again?? is it possible to simply take the practical and written test there??

  3. Jordan

    How much does a CNA make hourly based on experience. So say starting out with 0-1 years experience and going from there on up?

    1. admin Post author

      It depends heavily on where you are working and the amount of overtime hours you put in. In the U.S entry level nursing assistants can make from $20,600 to $34,580 starting out.


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