Nursing Assistant Recertification

Recertification is the process of renewing your certification as a nursing assistant.  CNA licences are required to be renewed every two years and they require a certain amount of time spent as a practicing nurse aide.  You have to renew your license before it expires so that you would not be required to undergo certified nursing assistant education and training again in order to get a license.  The failure to do so has often led to unnecessary hassles to practicing in health care. Being in compliance with what is required by the state you are working in will let you avoid any further difficulties when the time comes for you to renew your license.

The requirements for recertification vary from state to another state.  Some require a particular amount of time spent working as a nurse aide and not more than that.  The common expiration dates for a CNA license is at the end of the month of your birth.  You will also be required to present a certification of your US citizenship, or a certification of your eligibility to work in the US.  You will also be required to present any declaration of an arrest or conviction in any felony that you may have committed during the past two years.

You will have to fill out a form that will be sent to the proper Registry that issues the recertification.  It includes your personal information to be filled-out as well as a portion for your employer to fill-up.  The processing for your form will take about two weeks.

Some Nursing assistants may have difficulty if they are currently unemployed which may make the part to be filled up by the employer quite a difficult task.  He or she would need to go back to his former employer and have him answer the questions on that part.  If you have a current employer, this would be very easy.  You can even fill-out the form at least two or three months before the expiration of your license so that the mailing out to the registry would not be a hassle.

To avoid problems like this, it is advised that nurse aides should check the required length of work in order to avoid any future difficulties in the renewing of the license.  As some states provide penalties for any excess of work hours, it would be better if you know them before the two years elapse.  It is also advised to avoid any commission of a felony as this may greatly affect the approval or non-approval of your license to be renewed.  Certain crimes may not allow you to practice nursing assistance at all.

There are also other states which require a further training or education during that two years and so you should be informed about that after receiving your license as a certified nursing assistant.  Renewal of license is required by states in order to assure that health care workers remain in touch with any recent development in healthcare.  As newer and newer information and technologies are developed, it is better if CNAs keep up with what is new in the area of healthcare.  Their knowledge and skill should match with recent advances.

10 thoughts on “Nursing Assistant Recertification

  1. Tiffany

    I live in Kissimmee Fl and wanted to know if it was possible to challenge the exam after your Lic has been required?

  2. Eva Trahan

    How do I go about finding out my certification number for my nursing assistant. I already passed the test, but was never sent any information regarding my certification number. I took my test through Montana Tech back in July 2012. Thank you for a response asap.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Eva, I’d try calling the Montana Nurse Aide Registry at (406) 444-4980. They should be able to help you get your license number with the verification of your name and social security number.

  3. Latesha reynaga

    Hi I’m in California and I got my cna back in 97 n it expired 99. Didn’t renewal, Can I challenge the board to get back my certificate?

    1. admin Post author

      Since your certification has been expired for more than two years you will need to apply to reactivate your certificate by taking the Competency Evaluation. To see if you qualify, and get the steps required for this process you should contact the State of California Health and Human Services Agency at (916) 327-2445.

  4. Kay Hampton

    I have employees that are due for renewal of their licenses. One of which also changed her name. When completing the paperwork for renewal, the employee completed her name before being married on the top portion of the renewal form. We attached her changed SS card and DL to the form and submitted for name change and renewal.
    The request we received back was asking for proof of income, for 2yrs, with a letter on company letter head detailing CNA duties, time frame worked as Paid CNA and # of hours. Her CNA want expire til 4/2014.
    Is there an online area to submit change of information and renewal request?

  5. katherine moreno

    hi I live in California now but I had my CNA license back in Arkansas 2010 and it expired in 2012. is there any way that I can be recertified and use my license here in California? or possibly get it transferred to a California CNA license?


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