Nevada State Board of Nursing

The Nevada State Board of Nursing handles the list of eligible individuals who can work as certified nursing assistants in the state of Nevada.  The state requires a number of things before one can be approved as a nursing assistant.  The candidate has to comply with the training & license requirements before he or she can be entered into the state’s nursing aide registry and be eligible to work.  Being included in the registry, means that one has an active status without any disqualifying conditions, and can be legally employed in any nursing facility in the state.

Nevada State Board of Nursing
2500 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 207
Las Vegas, NV 89102-4392
Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Mon-Fri
Telephone: (702) 486-5800
Toll Free: (888) 590-6726
FAX:(702) 486-5803
NV License Certificate Verification

The Board of Nursing is the one responsible for the administration and creation of state rules and policies with regards to health workers and health facilities.  A candidate for nursing assistant must possess the following qualifications before he or she can be admitted.  There are several areas or aspects which an individual must pass before they can be admitted to an accredited nurse aide training program.

man-reading-sign-76On the Physical aspect, the applicant must be able to do various physical activities such as twisting, climbing, walking, and lifting for extended periods of time.  They should also be able to carry, push and manipulate things with ease.  On the Intellectual level, they should be able to possess the skills of writing and recording reports, perform mathematical functions, communicate in English effectively, and critical thinking.  They also should possess sound mental health and should not have any impulse with which they may harm or injure other persons. You can read about all of the Nevada nursing assistant requirements on this page.

After passing the said qualifications, they can now proceed to CNA training programs where they will have both classroom and clinical sessions in order to learn the skills and information that they will use for their job.  After that, they would have to pass the competency exam administered by the state as well as be able to maintain their active status by working for a minimum set of hours for each 24 month period.

Looking up the CNA status of nursing assistants is easy to do by logging on to the website’s online registry.  Through the Certificate Verification System of the Nevada State Board of Nursing, you will be able to check whether the individual has a current active status or if there had been disciplinary actions imposed against the worker.  The registry is updated every 5 pm each working day so you can expect to get accurate results each time you look on the registry.  You can only be able to verify a nurse aides status in Nevada through their online verification system.

Nursing assistants can also change or add information to their accounts by logging in at the website.  You can update your name and address by downloading the appropriate form and filling out the necessary information.  You also need to attach the appropriate documents to certify your name change.  As to renewal of licenses, the registry can also be accessed to perform an online renewal. You simply need to key in your Social Security Number and password and you can easily renew your status through the internet.  The charge for a CNA renewal of license if $50.