Illinois Health Care Worker Registry

You can look up certified nursing assistants in the state of Illinois through the Illinois Health Care Worker Registry.  The registry shows the list of all health workers who have passed the state certification as well as other pertinent information which are related to health care.  It can be accessed through the internet by logging in at the state’s Department of Health website.  You will be able to know if a certain applicant has a current active status and can be hired to work at a nursing facility by checking their registry status at the website.

Illinois CNA Registry
Department of Public Health
535 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, Illinois 62761
Phone Verification: 217-785-5133
Fax: 217-524-0137
TTY: 800-547-0466
Search the Illinois Nurse Aide Registry

The state of Illinois provides several requirements in order for one to be entered into the state’s Health Care Worker Registry.  This includes taking up certification training at an accredited training facility, undergoing physical and criminal background checks, and passing the certification exams within two years after finishing the instruction.  If you fail to have these requirements done during their specified periods, you will not be allowed to take the state certification test and in turn will not be able to work as a CNA in the state.

illinois-buildingsNurse aide training is a prerequisite in becoming a nursing assistant if you do not have a basic nursing education or its equivalent.  You will have to look for training facilities which have been approved by the state’s Board of Nursing and is accredited by the state to provide such training.  You must meet the required number of hours of training in both the classroom and clinical setting.  You can apply to take the exams also if you have finished a related course from outside of the United States provided that it meets the educational standards which are used here.  You only need to furnish a copy of your transcript of records and other pertinent documents that will be requested from you. You can read more about current IL nurse aide certification requirements here.

Aside from this, you also need to pass the physical and criminal background check which is mandatory.  You need to pass a physical exam which shall determine your physical ability to do things such as lifting and moving heavy weights as well as passing medical tests for various contagious diseases.  The criminal background check is to ensure that you do not have any disqualifying convictions such as those which involve violence, drugs, theft and felony.  Having been convicted for such crimes will prevent you from getting hired in the state.

Passing the state certification exam will be eventually your way into getting hired as a certified nursing assistant.  Your name will be included in the state’s Health Care Worker Registry and potential employers may now choose whether to hire you or not as you have passed the state’s standards for providing health care services to the public.  You will not need to renew your license once you pass and it will be up to your employer to keep your information updated by entering your work history on the online registry.  This way, the public will know whether you are an active CNA in Illinois.