CNA Classes in Columbia, MO

The CNA Classes available in Columbia, Missouri as of the writing of this post are all listed for you on this page. The list includes all the training that is recognized by the stare registry that is currently open for enrollment. Speak with a school administrator to learn more about the course fees and schedules.

Columbia Area Career Center
4203 S Providence Road, Columbia, Mo 65203
573 214-3800

To become a nursing assistant, you must first know the proper skills and knowledge that you will need to take care of the patients. To do this, you have to enroll in a CNA training program or a RN course and learn the Fundamentals of Nursing. Although each program has its own set of requirements, the state does have a general requirement for all programs.

mobility-scooter-9002231.    You must be at least 18 years old to be enrolled in a nurse aide class.
2.    You must not be on the Department of Health and Senior Services employee disqualification list.
3.    And you must not have been found guilty to crimes that may prevent you from working as a nursing assistant such as theft or abuse.

During your instruction you will get a variety of skills practice and learn the theoretical knowledge necessary for properly caring for patients in a long-term care facility as part of the health care team. Some of the duties you will practice include: range of motion exercises, measuring vital signs, housekeeping, grooming, transporting residents, bedpan/catheter care, safety procedures, infection control, and nourishment. You will be tested on five of these skills later when you take you license examination.

After completing a training program, you may then take on the license exams. These exams are composed of a written and a return demonstration of the basic nursing skills. In order to get your name entered on the Registry, you must pass both exams. For those who enrolled in a program before challenging the exams, they will be given 3 chances to pass the exams within 90 days.

This city is the county seat of Boone County. It has a total population of 108,500 as of the 2010 census. Columbia has a total area of approximately 60.4 sq miles and a population density of 1,592.8 / sq mile. It is currently the 5th largest city in the entire state. It is also considered as the largest city in Mid-Missouri.

There are a total of six major hospitals that are serving the city. They include Columbia Regional Hospital, University of Missouri Hospital, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center and University of Missouri Children’s Hospital, Boone Hospital Center, and Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital. Other health care centers that you can find in the area include Columbia Orthopaedic Group, East Broadway Medical Arts, Turn The Page Child Development Center, Plaza Internal Medicine LLC, and many more. photo attribution: jojakeman