Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry

The Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry provides an online licensure Verification system which allows employers and CNAs to know what their current certification status is and also provides for additional services as well which are related to healthcare services.  The website is continuously updated so you are guaranteed that you are getting relevant and updated information whenever you make a search in them.  You can request for written or paper certification verification to the Board of Nursing.  Overall, the website provides useful information to those who wish to work as nurse aides as well as to nursing facilities who wish to employ them.

Tennessee Nurse Aide Program
425 5th Avenue North, Cordell Hull Building, 3rd Floor
Nashville, Tennessee 37243
Fax (615) 248-3601
Phone: (615) 532-5171
Email: tn.health@tn.gov
Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM – 4:30PM Central
Automated Phone System: 1-800-778-4504 Toll Free
Competency Evaluation Conducted By:
D & S Diversified Technologies LLP
333 Oakland Avenue, Findlay, OH 45840
Fax (412) 422-8328
Toll Free (877) 201-0758
TN Licensure Verification Search

The website offers an easy process for the verification of nurse aide certification through their online search system.  You will only need to enter information with regards to the candidate’s name and certification number and the website will give you a result of the possible candidates.  You will also be able to see if there had been any disciplinary action which had been imposed on the candidate, a profile of their past work history, and any data with regards to finding of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of property that they may have committed in nursing facilities.

taking-blood-pressure-90101The website also contains helpful links which they can access to make their search easier especially if there had been any recent incidents which may have a significant impact on the registry status of the nurse aide.  This includes links which leads to the Abuse Registry, Monthly Disciplinary Actions, and Licensure Verification sites which can make your search easier.  It is important for employers especially to constantly look up these links in order to maintain a good set of employees on their facilities.  They can also get constant updates about the recent issuances of the Department of Health.

The CNA lookup can also be done more easily if you enter the specific name or last name of the candidate instead of entering a particular location or city in your search.  The website will be able to come up with a potential list of candidates if you do this instead of the city search. You can enter a few beginning letters of the name or last name of the CNA and you can get a few suggestions of licensees who may have the same name.  The registry is maintained by the Regulatory Board Data System and is constantly updated to provide the public with the most recent information with regards to nursing assistants.

The Tennessee Nurse Aide Licensure Verification is a public service of the Department of Health in order to provide the optimum healthcare services to their residents.  In view of the Department’s aim to give the safest and best protection for the health of the public, they try to maintain a fresh and updated registry which shows candidates who can provide the best nurse aide services in the state and those which have committed violations of abuse or neglect of residents and which cannot be employed in any nursing facility at all.

If you are looking for information on the current TN nursing assistant certification requirements, visit this page.