Nursing Assistant Programs in Troy, NY

The nursing assistant programs in Troy, New York that are available are listed on this page. By contacting the educational facility listed here you can learn more about the availability of their training, tuition rates, and application process.

Capital District EOC
145 Congress Street,
Troy, NY 12180
(518) 273-1900

After you are accepted to a training course that has been approved by the state you become eligible to apply for the state’s license exams. Exams will consist of two separate parts, which is typically a written test and a physical demonstration. those who manage to pass both parts and meet all other requirements become certified for two years.

students-in-classroom-sessionA foreign registered nurse may also become a nursing assistant in New York if he wishes to change his profession. Becoming a nursing assistant is one of the fastest ways to gain entry into the medical field of the U.S. Like other nursing assistant candidates, a foreign registered nurse will need to become a part of the NYNAR before he is allowed to work in a nursing facility.

These candidates will need to pass the state’s competency exams before they receive their CNA license. When they apply they will need to select Route 5 in the application form. Before they are allowed to apply, their eligibility will need to be established by the state’s DOH. Their appropriate materials must be sent to:

New York State Department of Health
NATP/NAR Program
Mailstop: CA/LTC
Empire Plaza
Albay, New York 12237
(518) 474-8446

The following items must be sent to the DOH:
•     Completed application form. If the applicant has already found an employer, the employer will also need to fill out s section on the application form.
•    A copy of the applicant’s SS Card
•    Copy of his nursing license, which must still be valid.
•    The applicant’s diploma from graduating in a nursing school. ( Copy)
•    Documents that show the applicant’s nursing school work.

To gain entry into the Registry, the candidate must be able to pass both parts of the exam. Each candidate is given 3 attempts to pass all the tests. They must be able to pass all the tests within 2 years from the submission of their application. If they fail for the 3rd time, they are required to enroll in a NYDOH-approved CNA training program.

If they are already employed in a nursing home prior to their enrollment for training, it will be the state that will pay for all the costs, including the payment fees for the tests. The employer will send the receipts to the state’s Department of Health. The state will then send the payment to the employer, which will be used to pay for the expenses. If you have any questions regarding imbursement, you can call the DOH with the number provided above.

This city is the county seat of Rensselaer County. It is situated near the western edge of the county. Accroding to the census of 2010, their total population was around 50,129 people. Troy has a total area of approximately 11 sq miles and a population density of 4,470/sq mile. Cities that you can find nearby include Albany and Schenectady.

Examples of health care centers that you can find in the area include Northeast Health, Capital Neurological Assoc, STD Test Express, Bureau of Occupational Health, Adept Health Care Service Inc., Samaritan Hospital, Capital Healthcare Associates, Obgyn Health Center Associates, NovaCare Rehabilitation, Community Health Care, and Northeast Women’s Health Services. photo attribution: create-learning