Menomonee Falls, WI CNA Schools

CNA schools in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin that are shown on this page offer the current facilities that are open for enrollment. For more information about enrolling in health care center instruction, please call the number below and speak with a school administrator.

(262) 797-4600

Employers will always look for a CNA card when you go applying for a nursing aide job. The only way you can get a card is by getting your name entered into the state’s Nurse Aide Registry. This registry contains all the names of persons were able to meet both federal and state training and testing requirements. You can get into the Registry through either testing or reciprocity.

college-students-listening-to-lectureTesting Route

This route is the most common; it involves taking on the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program Examination. The NNAAP exam is divided into a multiple-choice knowledge test and a skills evaluation exam. The knowledge test may either be taken as a written or oral exam. Candidates will have a maximum of 120 minutes to answer all 70 items on the knowledge exam and 30 minutes to perform 5 randomly selected nursing procedures. If a candidate passed both tests, then his name will be entered into the NAR.

All interested applicants of the NNAAP exam are required to successfully complete a state-approved training program. An excellent way of qualifying for the exam is by enrolling in a CNA training course. These courses offer a minimum of 120 hours of training, of which 32 are allocated for the supervised clinical practice.

Nursing students/graduates, military-trained medics, foreign nurses, out-of-state nursing students who wish to become nursing aides in Wisconsin may apply and take the NNAAP exam once. If they fail, they’ll have to complete a CNA course. For more information, please call the American Red Cross at (877) 257-5424 or the Nurse Aide Registry at 1-877-329-8760.
Out-of-State Nursing Aide/ Reciprocity Route

This route is only for persons who were are already certified as a nursing aide in another state. This lets them transfer their certification to Wisconsin and gain eligibility to work in a federal nursing facility. In order to qualify, interested applicants must have a current certification and be in good standing with his/her current State. Applicants must not have any records of patient abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of their properties. In other words, they must not be listed on the Abuse Registry.

This is a village that is in Waukesha County. It is a part of the Greater Milwaukee area. It was named after the Menomonee River that flows near the area. It is considered as the 4th largest community in the county. They have a total population of over 35,626 people during the last census. Its total area is approximately 33.3 sq miles, where all of it is land. It has a population density of 981.1/sq miles.

The Community Memorial Hospital is the second largest employer in the city. Other health care centers that you can find there include Lifeline Systems, Kindy Optical, Falls Dental Associates, Menomonee Falls Health Care Center, Community Memorial Hospital of Menomonee Falls, Ridgeview Dental Group, Emergency Care Plus At Community, and many more. photo attribution: ufv