Lawrenceburg, TN Nursing Assistant Programs

Certified nursing assistant classes that can be found in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee are listed here in detail. For any questions, you can call the program administrator with the phone number shown. Course shown below have met the standards set by the TN department of Health.

NHC Healthcare
374 Brink Street,
Lawrenceburg, TN 38464
(931) 762-6548

American Red Cross
181 Prosser Road,
Lawrenceburg, TN 38464
(931) 762-1599

Lawrence County High School
1800 Springer Road,
Lawrenceburg, TN 38464
(931) 762-9412

According to the law, any individual who wishes to work in Tennessee as a nurse aide must first receive the proper training and be listed in the Nurse Aide Registry. There are two ways for an individual to get into the NAR.

young-female-college-students-on-campusThe first one is by applying for reciprocity. This process however, is only available to persons who have certified as a nurse aid and is currently listed in another state’s NAR. Applicants who are found in the Abuse Registry will not be allowed to work in a certified nursing facility. In order to protect the patients in Tennessee, all applicants must all undergo and pass the criminal background checks, which are done in both federal and state levels. If approved for reciprocity, the applicant will have his name in both Registries.

Applicants coming from Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia have a different set of requirements. Applicants coming from these states must first contact the Registry at (800) 778-4504 or (614) 741-7173 to see if they are eligible for reciprocity.

The second route is the most common route. This involves challenging the certification exam. This exam consists of a 75-multiple-choice knowledge test and a clinical skills exam, which are both taken on the same day at an approved testing site. The exams in Tennessee are currently handled by the Headmaster Testing Service. Their new system also allows testers to take the exams online through WebETest. This option however is not yet available at all testing sites. You can visit their website at to check the nearest testing site that has this option.

Before you can take the exam, nurse aide candidates must first establish eligibility by completing a state-approved testing program, getting military training as a medic or corpsman, or learning the Fundamentals of Nursing – as a nursing student, graduate, registered nurse, or practical licensed nurse.

The state of Tennessee reviews nursing assistant training programs to make sure they meet specific state and federal guidelines as well as provide the appropriate amount of hours of instruction and the correct curriculum. Instructional programs for nursing assistants must be coordinated by an experienced registered nurse.

To have you name placed on the nurse aide registry you will need to enroll in a state approved school program, send in identifying documentation, pass background checks and pass the state competency exams. The training is at least 75 hours in duration and teaches you the basic skills needed when employed as a nurse aide. In addition the program will teach you 25 primary health related skills that you may be tested on before becoming certified to work.

To pass the CNA license exams for the state of Tennessee you will need to score a 70% or above on the written portion and in the skills demonstration, you will have to perform 5 randomly picked nursing skills. You are required to pass both parts to get your license. Once you have met all requirements you are placed on the nurse aide registry for a period of 24 months and eligible to work in the state.

If the candidate is able to pass both the knowledge test and the skills test, he will gain entry into the NAR and will be certified. This certification is only valid for 24 months. During that time, the nurse aide must find work in a certified nursing facility for at least 8 hours in order to qualify for renewal. No CNA is allowed to work with an expired certification.

This city is the county seat of Lawrence County. The city was named after James Lawrence, who was a war hero during the 1812 war. You can find this city southwest from Nashville. According to the last census, their total population was estimated to be about 10,428 people. It has a total area of approximately 12.6 square miles and a population density of 857.6/sq mile.

Examples of health care providers that are located in the city include Women’s Health Associates of Lawrence County, NHC Healthcare of Lawrenceburg, Gambro Healthcare Patient Services Lawrenceburg, Centerstone, Crockett Specialty Clinic, North Terrace Medical Clinic, NHC Healthcare of Scott, Express Med, Lawrenceburg Family Practice Associates, Remke Eye Clinic, and many more. photo attribution: westconn