CNA Classes in Memphis, TN

The CNA classes that are located in Memphis, Tennessee and are open for you to enroll in are all found here. For more information about taking a school training program, you can go to the address shown during working hours, or call the phone numbers listed on this page.

Concorde Career Institute
5100 Poplar Ave.,
Memphis, TN 38137
(901) 761-9494

Court Manor Nursing Home
1414 Court Ave.,
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 272-2494

Bridges Nurse Aide Program
477 North 5th St.,
Memphis, TN 38105
(901) 527-5627

Tennessee Technology Center
550 Alabama Ave.,
Memphis, TN 38105
(901) 527-8455

Memphis Works (United Cerebral Palsy)
4189 Leroy Ave.,
Memphis, TN 38108
(901) 767-0922

Career Academy
2600 Poplar Avenue,
Memphis, TN 38112
(901) 761-4500

Hooks Job Corps Center
1555 McAlister Avenue,
Memphis, TN 38116
(901) 396-2800

Memphis Health Careers Academy
1880 Prospect Avenue,
Memphis, TN 38106
(901) 416-1950

A nursing assistant helps provide nursing and nursing care to patients in different health care settings. The tasks that they do will depend on which tasks are delegated by nurses. This job is one of the best ways to enter the medical field today. With the demand for this job at its highest, you can expect to find a lot of work waiting for you once you become a CNA.

nurse-aides-in-training-exerciseTo work as a nursing assistant in Tennessee, you have to get your name listed on the Nurse Aide Registry. You can do this by challenging the competency exam but before you can apply, you must first complete a state-approved training program. To enroll, you will must be:

•    Be at least 18 years old
•    Have basic knowledge of both written and spoken English
•    Possess a high school diploma or something equivalent to it
•    Have a clean record – you must not have any records of theft, abuse, or other similar crimes
•    Be physically and mentally healthy to take care of the patients

State approved training programs are coordinated by a registered nurse and will teach you primary health care related proficiencies you will use on the job. Currently classes are at least 75 hours and teach at the minimum 25 separate nursing skills.

Some of the skills you will learn during your instruction include patient rights, how to control infection, resident independence, CPR, Heimlich, communication, medical terminology, safety protocols, and emergency preparedness. Once you finish your school requirement you have up to 2 years to take the competency exams.

health-care-instruction-courseYou may not be required to enroll in a program if you are a nursing graduate or a medic that has been trained by the military. In addition the state of Tennessee allows those who have been trained and certified in many other states to apply for reciprocity and not have to retake a training course. You can call the Tennessee Nurse Aide Program Office to get the latest information about reciprocity or program requirements at their phone number (615) 532-5171.

The next step is to apply for the competency exam. You can get an application packet by going to or requesting one by calling (800) 778-4504.Before you send the completed form to D&T DT, PO Box 418, Findlay, Ohio 45840, make sure to include all other necessary documents including the payment fee. Payment fees must be in the form of a money order, company check, order voucher, or cashier’s check. Personal checks will not be accepted. All other requests such as additional consideration for the disabled must also be sent during this time. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

The exams include both a written component and a physical skills test. With the written part you must receive a score of 70% or above to pass. With your manual skills competency test you will need to demonstrate five of the skills you were taught during call instruction. To get into the Nurse Aide Registry, you must pass both the written/oral exam and the skills evaluation. You will only have 3 attempts to pass this. If you fail after the third attempt, you will no longer be allowed to reapply unless you undergo retraining. When retaking the exam, you will only need to take the test you failed.

Those who pass both exams and meet all other requirements are placed on the nurse aide registry. Once your name is entered, you can expect your CNA certificate in your mail within 4-6 weeks after passing. If you wish to inquire about your status as a nursing assistant you may contact the Registry at (615) 532-5171.

To keep your name on the Registry you must renew your certification every 2 years. Renewal is accomplished by submitting verification that you have worked one 8 hour shift asa nursing assistant for each 2 year period. If you fail to renew, your certification will expire and you will no longer be allowed to work as a CAN in a certified nursing facility.

Memphis is the county seat of Shelby County. It is situated in the southwestern corner of the state and just south of the confluence of the Mississippi and Wolf Rivers. The city has gained the nickname of The River City and The Bluff City. As of the 2010 census, their total population has reached up to a total of 662,897, which makes it the most populous city in the state of Tennessee. The city also ranks as the third biggest city in the southeastern part of the county and the 20th in all of the country. The total population of this city is approximately 313.8 sq miles, where about 15.4 square miles of it is water.

The two of the biggest hospitals in the country, he Methodist and Baptist Memorial health systems, are both serving the city and the county. Aside from these two health care providers, there are also other that you can find which include Lakeside Behavioral Health System, Open Arms Healthcare Agency, Parkwood Behavioral Health System, Matria Healthcare Inc., and many more. photo attribution: westconn