Highland Park, CA Nurse Aide Training

Those who would like to become certified as a nurse aide can find the latest training available in Highland Park, California listed on this page. Those who enroll will receive instruction in primary health care skills and preparation for the exams. If you know any classes that are being offered, send them to us and we will add them to the page.

[There are no CNA Classes in Highland Park, CA are available as of the moment.]

You can find nursing assistant school programs in the nearby city of Pasadena.

It is not that hard to become a nursing assistant in the state of California if you know the requirement to become certified in California. Generally you will need to attend a state approved school course that teaches the fundamental theoretical, and skills training as well pass the nurse aide license exams.

health-care-administrator-speaking-at-lectureThe goal of the Nursing Home Reform Act is to provide better quality care to patients in nursing homes and other nursing facilities. To help achieve this goal, aspiring nurse aides must now undergo CNA training before working in a certified nursing facility. Nursing assistant training programs will provide the candidate the knowledge and skills needed to properly take care of the patients.

Nurse Aide Training Programs are required to be certified by the California Department of Public Health before they enroll any student. When searching for a program to enroll in, make sure to choose one that is certified by the CDPH. These programs offer a minimum of 150 hours of training. Their curriculum is divided into 50 hours of lectures and 100 hours of supervised training.
Before the students go to the practical training portion of the program, they will first spend 16 hours learning the following concepts:

•    Infection control
•    Respecting the patients’ rights
•    Promoting the patients’ independence
•    Safety and Emergency procedures
•    Communication and Interpersonal skill

According to state law, all nurse aide students must be fingerprinted in California and be checked for criminal records through the Live Scan Services. A copy of the request form must be sent to the ATSC by the training facility. No student is allowed to proceed into the clinical training if he does not comply with this.

After completing training, a candidate will become eligible to apply for the NNAAP exam. This exam was created to determine if the candidate is capable of meeting the federal and state standards. It consists of a written/oral knowledge test and a skills evaluation exam. Candidates must pass all the tests in order to be certified.

The ATCS is responsible for certifying nurse aide candidates in this state. They will also keep a record of every individual who is certified to work as a nurse aide in the state. If you wish to check your record, you can go to http://www.apps.cdph.ca.gov/cvl/SearchPage.aspx.

To keep one’s name on the ATCS’ record, a CNA must renew his or her certificate every 2 years. To be eligible the nurse aide must find work for at least 8 hours and complete 48 hours of continuing education or in-service training. No nurse aide is allowed to continue working once his or her certification has expired.

For those CNAs that came from another state they can apply for reciprocity if they wish to work in the state. When they apply, they should have an active license and a good relationship with the state they came from. They must not have any records that might prevent them from working in the state. For more information about certification and requirements you can call the CA Public Health Licensing phone number at (916) 552-8700.

Highland Park is a small neighborhood in Los Angeles. It is situated just along the Arroyo Seco. It is found in a place that was once called the Rancho San Rafael back in the Spanish regime. It is bordered by South Pasadena, Pasadena, and Oak Grove Drive. You can also find the California Route 110 at the outskirts of this place.

Health care centers that can be found near this neighborhood include Alhambra Hospital Medical Center, Alhambra Hospital Medical Center, HealthCare Partners Medical Group, Alliance Women’s Medical Group, HealthCare Partners Medical Group in LA, Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, California Hospital Med Ctr, and Sunset Organic Center. photo attribution: westconn