Maine Nurse Aide Certification

To become eligible for a CNA certification in Maine, one should comply with the state’s requisites for certification on the state Nurse Aide Registry.  This includes proper training, passing the competency test, as well as being in good standing after your background check is conducted.  Work as a certified nurse assistant can be one of the most rewarding work for an individual as well as the best way to enter the medical field with minimal cost of training.

Maine requires that one should undergo on a state-approved training program for nursing assistants.  Finishing a training program will also give you an opportunity to work for 4 months in a nursing facility even if you are not yet certified.  Before you enroll for the program, you will be required to undergo a background check to see if you have any disqualifying felonies.  You will also be required to have finished at least 9th grade before you can be admitted to any program.  The training will last for 180 hours which will include both classroom instruction as well as practical training in a nursing facility.

writing-it-down-75You can also apply for a nursing assistant certification if you are certified from another state.  You will be required to submit your certificate of completion of an approved training program, sufficient hours of clinical training, and a properly filled-out application form.  You should also show proof of employment for a particular number of hours for the past years.

Registered nurses who want to work as nurse aides can also submit their application form as well as their transcript of academic records and their diploma if there is any.  Nursing students can also apply if they have completed an equivalent of the training required for nursing aides.  This also applies for those who are trained as nurses in foreign countries.  A diploma and their transcript of records would also be needed as well as their visa.

After completing a state-approved program, the student may now challenge the state exam.  This includes a written as well as a skills demonstration test which he or she should pass.  The passing rate is 70% for the written exam and one should pass 7 skills demonstration out of 10.  Requirements for the test are filing a properly filled-out application form, transcript of completion of a your coursework training, and the certificate of practical skills training that he or she has undergone.

After passing the exam, the applicant would then be included in the ME Nurse Aide Registry and will be allowed to work as a CNA in the state of Maine.  It is a necessity before one can be employed.  Renewal of the certification is during every 2 years and the applicant must have worked for at least 8 hours for the past 24 months.  Accepted working hours are those which have been spent under the supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. Those who are employed in nursing facilities are also required to undergo at least 12 hours of in-service training.  The applicant should have not also committed any disqualifying offense during the time interval.

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