Nurse Aide Schools in Okmulgee, OK

The certified nursing aide courses in Okmulgee, Oklahoma that are being offered by schools such as colleges, high schools, and community training programs are listed below. To find out more, just call one of the programs and speak to one of their representatives.

Green Country Technology
1100 North Loop 56,
Okmulgee, OK 74447
(918) 756-1334

Okmulgee Terrace Nursing Home
720 North Miami Street,
Okmulgee, OK 74447
(918) 756-3556
(Offers DDA training programs)

There are great career opportunities for those who pursue a career in the medical field as a nursing assistant. The demand for this profession is continuously on the rise since the number of elderly who need assistance with their health and daily activities is also increasing.

college-classroom-trainingTo work as a CNA in this state, you must first get a basic certification (LTCA, HHA, or DDCA) by passing the state evaluation exam. This exam will test your competence in both knowledge and skill to function as a nursing assistant. One of the requirements when applying for the exam is to provide a certification of completion training. You can get this certification if you complete a state-approved program. These programs are offered at local community colleges, nursing homes, hospitals, and private institutions.

If you pass the competency exam, your name will be added to the Nurse Aide Registry, where it will remain there for 2 years. To keep it there, you must renew it before its expiration date, which falls on the same day it was entered in the NAR. To avoid any problems with your listing on the registry, it is your responsibility to keep your record updated. You should inform the NAR if you change in name or address.

Since you now have a basic certification, you may be able to apply for an advanced one. One of the advance certifications that you can get is to be a medication aide. CMAs are nursing assistants who are trained to give non-injectable medications to patients, while under the supervision of a registered nurse or a member of the medical team.

To become a CMA, you will need to enroll in training program. The Oklahoma Association of Health Care Providers CMA program is a 57.5 hour program. These hours are divided into 32 hours of clinical training and 25.5 hours of lectures. To be accepted into the program, you must have a good standing on the NAR and possess working experience as a nursing assistant for at least 6 months. To complete the program, you will be required to give medications to 20 patients with 100% proficiency. If you fail to do so after three attempts, you will officially fail the program.

If you do pass, then your next step is to challenge the competency exam. Unlike the basic certification exams, the examination consists only of a written exam. The application forms for the exam are given out by the program’s instructor. To find out more about how to become a CMA, you can check the state’s official website at

If you are a CNA that finished your training in a different state, you can still be able to work in Oklahoma. All you have to do is to apply for reciprocity. When applying, you will be asked to provide documents that support your training in and experience. You will not be required to undergo retraining to apply for the state exams. This will also go to those who have graduated in a nursing course.

This city is a part of the Okmulgee County. The name of the city was taken from the Creek language and can be translated into “boiling waters”. It was founded in 1868 and has been the capital of the Creek Nation since the Civil War. According to the census of 2009, their total population had reached up to a total of 12,558 residents. It has a population density of 981.1/sq mile. The total area of the city is estimated to be around 12.8 sq miles, where all of it is land.

Health care facilities that are found in the area include Okmulgee Discount Pharmacy, Okmulgee Indian Health Center – Pediatrics, Carter Healthcare, Creoks Mental Health Services Inc., Creoks Mental Health Services Inc., The Hope Program, Okmulgee Indian Health Center – Medical Clinic, and many more. photo attribution: ufv