CNA Training in Evansville, IN

The CNA training classes in Evansville, Indiana listed here contains all the information that you need to be certified and able to become employed. If you want to find out more about their health care training courses, just call one of the programs listed on this page and speak with a program coordinator.

Heritage Center
1201 West Buena Vista Road,
Evansville, IN 47710
(812) 429-0700

Ivy Tech Community College
701 Fairway Drive,
Evansville, IN 47710
(812) 429-1395

Parkview Care Center
2819 North St. Joseph Avenue,
Evansville, IN 47720
(812) 424-2941

Westpark Rehabilitation Center
25 South Boehne Camp Road,
Evansville, IN 47712
(812) 423-7468

In the process of becoming a nursing assistant, you must find a training program to enroll in that is approved by the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) Registry. Courses are taught by qualified health personnel who will teach you the fundamental nursing skills you will use on the job. Once you are enrolled, you will need to learn the different concepts and skills that you will be using in taking care of the patients. These skills will include promoting safety and health, maintaining the patient’s hygiene, taking the vital signs, and assisting in daily activities such as bathing, feeding, dressing, ambulating, and performing ROM exercises. At the end of your training, you will have a total of 105 hours of training. This is currently set at a minimum of 75 hours of clinical practice instruction in a health care setting, and 30 hours of coursework and lectures.

evansville-indianaOnce you are done with your training, the next step for you is to apply for the license exams. These exams are handled by the Ivy Tech Community College.  For additional information and to get an application you can call Ivy Tech at 317-917-5948. The exams are composed of a written and a skills demonstration part, and both need to be passed. You can also have an oral exam instead of the written one. To do this, you will need to send a letter of request to the board when you apply. If you are able to pass all the tests, your name will then be added to the Registry. Only those whose names are in the Registry will be eligible for work as a nursing assistant and your status will need to be updated every two years by submitting work verification. CNAs from other states are also welcome to apply for reciprocity if they want to work in the state. If you have finished your nursing assistant training in a different state or country, you can still be able to practice or work in Indiana. All you have to do is to apply for reciprocity. When applying, you should have a good record with the state or country that you are from.

Evansville is the county seat of Vanderburgh County. It is sometimes referred to as Eville, the Ville, River City, or Crescent City. This city is largest city that you will find in the southern part of the state. Aside from that, it is currently the 3rd largest city in the state of Indiana. According to the 2010 census, their total population was around 117,429 residents. It had a population density of 2,987/sq mile. The total area of this city is estimated to be 44.62 sq miles, where only 0.47 square miles of it is water.

Examples of health care centers that are found in Evansville include Midwest Behavioral Health, Tri-State Orthopaedic Surgeons Inc., St. Mary’s Convenient Care West, St. Mary’s Convenient Care East, Balance Therapeutics Inc., Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare Inc., Deaconess Comp Center, Echo Community Health Care, Heritage Hospice, and many more. photo attribution: justinstravels